Manual or automatic

Manual or automatic:
Manual or automatic:

There are generally two types of cars that are used for driving. One is manual and the other is automatic. The majority of learners use a manual car to take their lessons. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. When looking for a driving instructor you may have a choice to choose from; manual or automatic. There are significant differences between the 2. You should look at both options and decide what is best for you.

Here are some things to consider:


Depending on which type of lesson you take this will result the time and confidence needed to use the gearbox. Manual cars usually have 5-6 gears. Each gears represent the speed you drive in so this requires you to keep changing gears in order to manage your speed on the road.

However automatic cars is simpler and requires less time on the gearbox. If you struggle to use the gearbox then automatic cars may be something to consider.

Fewer classes:

Moreover, if you are learning on automatic cars then you have to take fewer classes to master yourself. So this will save your money. You can use this money in other fields of your life which are more urgent and require money.

Driving Instructor:

Driving instructor is available for manual cars as compared to automatic ones. So it also depends on your budget that which type of driving classes you will choose. There are many cheap driving instructors available in every town of the UK.

Insurance premiers:

As we all know that automatic cars are expensive to buy and so their insurance premiers. So if you have a low budget then go for manual driving classes. This will be better for you. Otherwise, insurance premiers are very expensive. For an average person it’s difficult to pay for the insurance companies.

Additional skills:

This is the main difference between the manual and automatic car. One has to learn additional skills about the clutch and gear control in the manual car. So that’s why it takes more time. So if you want to learn on an automatic car then just find and go to



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