Questions to ask your driving instructors


You should always question your potential driving instructor. Before booking your lessons ensure that you ask as many questions you can think of. The following are key questions to ask your driving instructors before signing up with them.

How long have you been a driving instructor for?

Maybe not directly like this- The aim of this question is to try and find out if the instructor is well versed and experienced in his field. An instructor with high experience levels means that he/she has been able to work with different types people including slow learners and fast learners. An instructor who is new to the market might also be beneficial to you because they bring with them new methods of teaching that are fresh and unexplored.

What is your pass rate?

Ask about their pass rate. Every instructor has a pass rate. Be aware that according to the Driving and Vehicle Standard Agency – Since Last December UK pass rate has been 45.5% so anything over 50% is usually a good sign. Anything over 70% is brilliant.

Are you approved?

Before booking an instructor, check if the instructor is approved and registered. This is important as unfortunately there are instructors out there that aren’t approved. But not to worry, if you compare with us we will make sure instructors on our website are approved giving you the confidence to search with no worries.

Am I allowed to change my driving instructor?

This is a very important question because you do not want to be stuck learning with an instructor that you do not get along with or you have to leave for other circumstances. Different people have varying personalities and sometimes you may not meet eye to eye with your instructor. You need to ensure that you are given the option of moving to another instructor without any issues. The last thing you want is to have a clause or contract that doesn’t allow you to look elsewhere.

What is your favorite part about being a driving instructor?

People who work due to having a passion for something usually yield great results. You might want to ask yourself, is the driving instructor someone who loves his/her job? Such driving instructors commonly have high pass rates because they provide excellent services and push for their customers to pass with flying colours!


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