Why get multiple quotes

Why get multiple quotes
Why get multiple quotes

One of the best ways to save money is to compare different instructors that are around you. Even if you have a deal that has been recommended by a friend, you never know how much you can save until you look around and see what other competitors are offering you. We make it easy for customers by allowing you to find driving instructors locally to you that and within your price budget.

For your convenience we have created a website where you can see different prices instructors charge altogether.

The Following are some of the points which will give you more insight into the multiple quotes:

Choosing the right instructor:

Some of the instructors we work with have very competitive rates. You may get 2 quotes that are the same price. When this happens you should look into both instructors by looking at reviews from previous customers and their pass rate. Our website will help you choose the right instructor.

Finding you a driving instructor within your budget:

There are hundreds of driving instructors that are local to you that you could not be aware of. Everyone has their own budget and an idea of how much they want to spend or are willing to spend to learn how to drive. We want customers to have a variety of instructors to choose from before making an important decision of which instructor to invest in.

If you have your own personal budget you will find the best rates at Driving instructor rates – Blog.

Market rate:

Driving instructors in UK vary from as little as £17 a lesson to £30 a lesson – this all depends on the driving school, the location and many other factors also play a part to the price.

It is important to find the right one. Remember a cheaper price does not always mean quality. Compare driving instructor with us to find an instructor who can accommodate to your needs and schedule.


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