Driving instructor rates


Find a driving instructor that fits within your budget. The average price of a lesson in the UK varies from as low as £17 to as high as £25. This depends on the location of the instructor and the service. Everyone wants the best driving instructors but as long as your budget can accommodate the rates provided by your prospective instructor then, by all means, you should go for it.

The following determine driving instructor rates:

Number of hours

Different driving students will require a varying amount of total hours to learn how to drive. This is because people have other commitments. If time is an essence and you book 1 lesson at a time, then there will be no discount, whereas if you book a 10 hour block lesson you may get a discounted rate. Speaking to your instructor about what discount he/she can provide is very important before committing to them.

Level of experience

A driving instructor with extensive experience will definitely charge higher rates compared to new instructors who are just starting out in the profession. Qualified instructors have a vast knowledge of their field of profession. The instructor will be able to come up with a training plan that will best suit your schedule, skill and your budget. The plan should be flexible take into account time schedules and total hours of learning time. It is up to you to decide this. Our website can help you determine different instructors.

The car

The rates will vary depending on the type of vehicle that you want to learn in. For example, If you want to learn how to drive in a range rover then yes, the rates per lesson will cost a lot more. Heavy-duty vehicles like trucks will have higher rates compared to others. Research and find out if your potential driving instructor car is something you want to learn in and if it is a car you can see yourself driving long term. You don’t want to learn in a car which you feel uncomfortable with.


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