Finding a good driving instructor


Learning how to drive has become very essential to get around in our society today. Finding the most suited driving instructor can be challenging as there are over 40,000 registered instructors in the UK. Being able to find a good reliable driving instructor suited to you is very difficult. This is where we come in.

Our comparison site: findAdriver helps you search, compare and contact verified driving instructors near you which is within your budget. Finding the right one is difficult so we have narrowed down a few factors before you book your driving instructor.

Licensed driving instructor

Usually you would have to conduct research and ask yourself if the driving instructor legally licensed or not. There are several ways that you can go about this. One is being aware of a test known as theory assessment. A certified instructor should have passed this examination so that they can be accorded their certificate of teaching. Other tests include a practical driving test which examines their practical knowledge of driving.

Every instructor on our comparison website have been checked and verified so it will save you all the hassle and you will not have to conduct any research saving you time.

Fee per lesson

Finding a driving instructor that offers a cheaper rate compared to other driving schools does not necessarily mean they provide poor services. There are instructors that offer fairly cheaper services and yet have quality customer experience. Instructors who charge a considerable higher rate are also a good way to go. This is because they may have been in the market for a long time and hence have experience and have gathered expertise over the years as well as being in demand.

You will have to compare driving instructor and identify one that you will afford without stretching your wallet.

Choosing a lesson plan

Shall I do single lessons or book block lessons? A lesson plan is an essential component in learning how to drive. A driving instructor should be able to come up with a flexible lesson plan together with you. A weekly plan will assist the instructor in knowing the areas of strengths and weaknesses of his/her students. This will, in turn, allow the instructor to put place more emphasis and focus on the areas which the student find challenging and struggle with. A driving instructor who likes to plan lessons ahead will give you confidence in their work and showcase their commitment for you to reach your goal.

Flexible schedule

We all are busy and have a lot going on in our lives, hence there is a need to have an instructor who will provide a flexible training schedule. You can compare driving instructor and identify one that offers a schedule that fits your lifestyle. You will have to consider the hours that you will be able to put in in your weekly driving hours as well as your future endeavours. A driving instructor with flexibility is key when selecting an instructor as you want them to work around you, not you around them.

Additional services

Several instructors may provide additional services to their students. Do the driving school offer additional services? This is the question you should ask yourself before signing up and committing yourself to a driving instructor. Extra services can include the provision of handouts, theory test, revision questions, motorway lessons and block lesson plans among others. Finding a driving instructor requires a lot of research and inquiry to ensure that your needs and preferences are met.

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