Learner not allowed on UK motorway

Learner not allowed on UK motorway
Learner not allowed on UK motorway

The United Kingdom government had decided to pass a new law that allows new drivers that pass their test after they compare driving instructor and gone through comprehensive driver’s training. Previously, the drivers were only allowed to use the motor ways after they had passed their driving tests. The introduced law will provide an opportunity for drivers in training to familiarize themselves with the UK motorways.

  1. Presence of a qualified driving instructor

The students must be guided by a certified driving instructor and the training vehicle should have dual controls. Those interested in learning how to drive should find a driving instructor who is licensed by the relevant authorities. The introduction of a motorway section to the compulsory driving lessons is however at the discretion of the driving instructors. The instructor will determine if the learner is ready to drive on a motorway or not.

  1. Fear of driving on motorways

Almost 27% of drivers revealed that they were afraid to drive on to the motorways for the first time. This was according to a recent survey that was conducted on 20,000 motorists by AA. The new law by the government seeks to boost confidence in drivers and hence boost safety. A driving instructor will be able to provide expert training to efficiently prepare you for the motorways.

  1. Keep a safe distance from a learner driver

As it is recommended that all drivers maintain a safe distance from learner drivers, this norm will still be maintained. Drivers are advised to be on the lookout for learners especially during rainy and foggy weather. The vehicles driven by learners are required to have L plates both on the front and the back areas to make them visible to other road users. Does the driving school near me have L plates and experienced instructors? This question will help you settle for a qualified driving instructor.

  1. Safe driving on motorways

The law will definitely broaden the driving experience of learners before taking the driving test. The vehicles on motorways move at a very high speed compared to ordinary roads.  This means that the learner should be more alert by paying attention to the road as they put into consideration other road users. The students will learn how to use the available lanes as they overtake and also how to enter and leave a motorway. Ask yourself, will the driving instructor near me provide prior lessons on how to drive on motorways?


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